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October 2020 3 min

Why relocation support shouldn’t be optional

3 imperatives of relocation support

Many employers believe that the cost of relocation support for their international talent offsets the monetary value the employee generates for the company. This could not be further from the truth; relocation support is not optional! As HR professionals, we need to understand the importance of a holistic and balanced approach to employee relocation. The future of relocation support and international talent mobility hinges around three key imperatives for a professional best-practice approach.

Tailoring relocation support to your individual employee is a win-win. 

Relocation support should be tailored to the individual, this involves understanding and being empathetic to the employee’s needs and motives. The most common reasons people choose to relocate are for a higher paying job or career advancement (49.3%), to be closer to family (20.5%), or transfer within a company (11.1%). Relocation poses a multitude of unique challenges. In fact, 74% of HR professionals say that obtaining visas in a timely, predictable, and flexible way is critical to their business goals. Tailoring your relocation support is important for the acquisition and retention of talent. Treat every relocation case individually, get to know the person behind the name, and make them feel valued by meeting their needs.

Employees want to feel valued. Take a holistic, balanced, and personal approach to your relocation support!

The holistic and balanced approach to relocation support involves cultural integration, inclusion and equal opportunity, socialisation, and networking. The need for talent mobilisation is greater than ever, however relocation support still lacks the personal approach. To put this into global numbers, 14% of international hires received intercultural training (52% requested it), 17% received access to local networking (62% requested it), 20% received access to socialising (59% requested it), and 8% received membership with an expat organisation (63% requested it). Employees need to feel valued, part of this support falls outside work hours. Take a holistic and personal approach to your onboarding process, value inclusivity and diversity, and enable your international talent with cultural integration.

Happy employees are effective employees. Reduce relocation stress through continued support.

A happy employee is a valuable asset that rewards positive business outcomes. After the effort and time spent to successfully relocate the employee, ensuring their happiness remains essential to their retention. A lack of socialising and lack of work-life balance are key factors of employee unhappiness. Some 43% of international hires struggle to make friends locally, driving them into “expat bubbles”. Interestingly, the happiness ratings of international hires are roughly ten percent lower than those of foreign assignees. This happiness inequity is arguably the leading determinant for failed onboarding. Relocation support is an on-going process, one that requires HR professionals to ensure employee wellbeing and happiness through continued support. Your job is not finished with a plane ticket and successful visa application, ensure ongoing employee wellbeing and you will be rewarded with positive business outcomes.

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