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April 2020 2min read

Supporting expats in times of COVID-19 - we're in this together!

If there is one thing we are good at - it is helping expats navigate German bureaucracy. As of today, we offer free support for all expats in Germany that have some kind of bureaucratic challenge due to Corona.

We at Localyze want to offer our help! Because if there is one thing we are good at - it is helping expats navigate German bureaucracy. As of today, we offer free support for all expats in Germany that have some kind of bureaucratic challenge due to Corona. Either because all the institutions are closed and extending residence permits, registering, etc. are almost impossible. Or because your company was affected and you have doubts about handling reduced working hours ("Kurzarbeit") or unemployment. Or simply because you have a hard time understanding the impact of the current restrictions and what exactly they mean for you. We are here to help

Just like many other startups, we experienced drastic changes in the last two weeks - life at Localyze changed. On the business side, we feel the economic impact - because international relocation is not getting easier these days. And on the team side, we had to go remote from one day to the other - which isn’t as big of a problem for a software startup, but it changes the way you communicate and collaborate within a team - video conferences instead of team meetings, tacos instead of verbal props. 

But many of our employees are expats, and when we talked to them it became clear how much more challenging this situation is for them. And I understand it - when COVID-19 started hitting the Western countries, I was still in the US, and being outside of my home country in such a situation didn't give me much comfort. It’s harder to understand restrictions and measures when all the communication is not in your native language. When you are not that familiar with the health care system. And when you don’t have the same social network around you. We want to contribute and make the situation easier for you.

Why we do that? 

A. We have the extra time ⏱ right now - because international relocation has slowed down and while I believe it will get back to normal at some point (the talent gap is not filled and companies will continue to relocate employees), there is not much we can do right now other than continuing to work and offering our help

B. We are getting through this as a team 👫 - even though the business is affected temporarily, we are in a very good position and we can afford to continue without lay-offs (which I consider a privilege atm)! And as many of us know the challenges we want to dedicate our time to this and believe that it can only help us and teach us more about navigating bureaucracy - and this is what keeps us motivated as a team

C. COVID-19 is a challenge for society and we can only get through it together. Call it Karma🧘‍♀️or something else, but Localyze was always about the company AND the individual, which also implies being there when “shit hits the fan”. And this is what we do, trying to help as many people as possible, not because it brings us money, but because it’s the right thing to do!

If there is anything we can do for you, visit our website where you can find information, updates and free support via our chat - or drop us an email at support@localyzeapp.com. We will respond within the daily working hours and as long as our capacities allow it.

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