May 2021
| Global Mobility 101

Trend Report: The Future of International Teams

We asked Europe’s Tech scene what the future looks like for international teams. One key insight: The future is not fully remote, but international.

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Trend Report: The Future of International Teams

What’s inside

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the workspace as we know it, causing a shift in HR processes along the way. With a surge in remote work environments, increased flexibility, and the implementation of new ways of collaborating, 2020 allowed for an unprecedented degree of innovation. Companies started looking into new workplace strategies, flexible policies, and new employment options. However, what does the future look like? With 2021 giving us a fresh start, the big question remaining is: What is actually here to stay, and how will teams be working together when the dust settles? This report shows our survey's exclusive findings on hiring strategies and market perceptions shared by international HR professionals. It covers the following topics:

  • International hiring 
  • Company’s future work set-up’s: remote vs. hybrid vs. in-office
  • Employment options
  • Location strategies: centralization vs. decentralization

Are you curious what the future of international teams looks like? Get your free copy now and find out.

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