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September 2022
| Global Mobility 101

Understanding the talent gap: What is happening in the world?

Why is talent availability decreasing? Understanding the problem gives you perspective, and a hint where to look for the best talent.

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Understanding the talent gap: What is happening in the world?

What’s inside

Finding the best talent is like the treasure hunt of every recruiters’ daily life. The question is: why does the availability of talent seem to be decreasing while there are more people than ever pursuing a degree. There are many reasons – from stronger growth of demand compared to the increase in supply, to the unequal distribution of young talent across the globe due to changing demographics. No matter what the reason is, companies can suffer from its effects, especially in regards to their growth and development. 

Understanding the underlying problem in a broader sense will give you a better perspective, and a hint on where to look for the best talents. In this report you will learn about:

  • The basics of international migration streams, including the reasons for people moving around and recent trends in migration flows
  • The Talent Gap, and what it looks like today and what it will look like tomorrow
  • How to address the problem to be ready for the future

Get your free copy now to understand how to close the talent gap for your company. 

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