October 2020
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What a great relocation support package looks like

You’ve just recruited an awesome new talent – the only obstacle? They’re not local, and you need to move them. While you’re not obliged to provide a relocation package, many companies that relocate employees from abroad offer one, as they’re known to incentivize potential employees and help retain them.

But what exactly is it? A great relocation package covers your employee’s moving and other work-related expenses when relocating. By offering your talent a relocation package, you can provide comprehensive and holistic relocation assistance to relieve the employee and their family of the stress and burden of relocating.

It not only provides your employees with peace of mind but also reflects positively on your company’s reputation. Here’s what your employee relocation package should include.

1. Financial assistance to cover moving expenses

For your new employee, the costs associated with physically moving are high. These could include driver’s license fees, pet registration and licenses, cleaning services, utility hook-ups, and other move-related expenses such as storage costs for household goods before employees can move into their new home. 

A great relocation support package will help your international employee organize and finance their move (e.g. hire a moving van), and locate and secure their accommodation (place a deposit on an apartment or secure short-term housing until their first paycheck).

2. Visa and work permit paperwork and sponsorship

As you will already have likely experienced, visa and work permit paperwork causes HR professionals a lot of headaches. A great relocation support package will provide your international employee with the information required to fill out the relevant paperwork, and provide assistance in the filing of these. 

It’s best practice to check with your employee to make sure they meet all requirements to work for your company. Check out your local Foreign Agency website or get in touch with your local embassy for more information. Or reach out to us at Localyze, if you have questions. 

3. Tax and social security assistance

Expatriate taxation and social security are complex and burdensome requirements for your international employee to solve alone. A great relocation support package should provide tax support for the duration of employment to relieve the employee of this concern. When it comes to tax and social security, there’s a lot to keep in mind:

  • Income tax status
  • Social security
  • Permanent establishment
  • Pension
  • Insurance

...to name a few. 

4. Travel admin and insurance

Medical and travel insurance is a must, especially when undertaking the relocation process amidst a pandemic! Medical and travel insurance will protect your international employees and your company against emergency expenses such as COVID-related costs or repatriation. Including this in the relocation support package ensures that appropriate cover is in place before the employee’s start date. 

Great relocation support packages will cover medical and travel insurance to ensure your employees feel secure and looked after.

5. Housing support

As your international employee embarks on their new adventure they will likely need help apartment hunting. A great relocation package will offer free assistance in helping your talent find a rental property that suits their individual needs and will contribute to reimbursement costs of short-term rentals until permanent housing can be organized. 

To go the extra mile, your relocation support package can also contribute to the payment of a rental deposit which can be later deducted from your employee’s income following their first paycheck.

6. Arrival assistance 

A great relocation support package doesn’t end at plane tickets and work permit paperwork, instead, it will help ease your international employee into life at their new location. This means helping them seamlessly adjust to their new life and integrating into your organization. 

Arrival assistance may include helping your employee:

  • Open a bank account
  • Set up their insurance
  • Set up their mailing address
  • Enroll in language courses
  • Obtain a phone contract
  • Give local tips for restaurants or activities

Taking the time to assist them in all of these things goes a long way in easing the transition of your international employee outside of work hours.


While you’re not obliged to offer a relocation package, doing so not only eases the mind of your new employee and allows them to integrate seamlessly into your organisation, but it keeps your company competitive and attractive to the world’s top talent. 

If you’re looking for guidance with relocating your new employees, feel free to get in touch with us.

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