April 2021
| Global Mobility 101

The Relocation Basics Guide by Localyze

New to relocation management? No worries! This beginner’s guide to employee relocation to Germany brings you up to speed and tells you the most important things to keep in mind.

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The Relocation Basics Guide by Localyze

What’s inside

At first glance, the relocation process is a complicated path through the jungle of bureaucracy: regulations, piles of paperwork and a lot of waiting for appointments are part of the usual. But do not worry, even though a lot can go wrong when you start relocating employees, you are not alone in the process. This Relocation Basics Guide brings you up to speed and tells you about things to keep in mind before getting started. In this Guide we cover:

  • Employment visa regulations in Germany
  • Time management and general timelines, including waiting and processing times
  • Required documentation for the relocation
  • Comprehensive relocation checklist

Get your copy now, and get started with relocating your talents to Germany.

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