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Localyze is the platform that makes it easy to manage your international team in one simple place. That means you can focus on what really matters, your employees.

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Looking to grow an international team?

We believe international hiring should be more exciting than confusing. Book your demo and see how we can help to take care of any complex paperwork and bureaucracy.

How it works for you and your Company

We know from experience that employing international talent is complex. Which is why everything we do is to simplify things and take the hard work off your hands.

Get any type of case going quickly

Borders don’t have to be blockers when it comes to your employees. We can support with your global mobility challenges, from relocating new hires to visa changes, postings and transfers between offices. You can hand over your cases in less than 2 minutes - to make international employee mobility easy for you.

Have full peace of mind as we take care of the process

Our Case Managers manage the case process on your behalf, including supporting with paperwork. You can have peace of mind, whilst not having to worry about documentation.

Get full visibility of your cases

By combining the power of an all-in-one platform with our team of global mobility experts and partners, we have all bases covered when it comes to employing and managing talent internationally.

More features, fewer barriers

You can manage multiple office locations all in one place, and access our knowledge section for all the information you need on global mobility.

Fits seamlessly
with how you work.

From Personio to Workday, we integrate with your existing HR tools to make sure nothing gets in the way for you or your employees.

How it works for
your employees

Get relevant information on visa waiting times, updates on regulations, resources and guidelines and a FAQ section with answers to common questions.

Support your employees every step of the way

Give your employees total peace of mind with an app and experience that guides them through the entire process.

Global mobility experience.

Find the answer to your questions — big or small — on our integrated knowledge page, or through speaking with our experienced team.

Free your employees to choose their next location

Employees have direct access to a global mobility portal, where they can add requests.


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Looking to grow an international team?

We believe an international move should be more exciting than confusing. So see how we can help take care of any complex paperwork.

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